Bahrain overview -F1

Mon 15 Mar 2010

I’ve been watching F1 for a good few years, but I’ve never known an F1 season to be so anticipated.  Four World Champions taking part throughout the season -all competitive and capable of winning.  Coupled with the young upstarts such as Vettel, it’s going to be one hell of a season.

Now Bahrain was far from being a classic race, and there have been obvious concerns regarding the impact of the new rules and regulation relating the removal of fuel stops.  I think the only overtaking move I saw was actually in the pits !

This is only the first race, so I’m not jumping to conclusions, but it does look like the heavier fuel loads throughout the race have not given the tyre degradation problems everyone was expecting.  Will people now try to push harder, and do harder breaking and cornering, now they know the tyres will last ?

What will get interesting over the next few races is how teams will try to refine the fuel loads, now they understand the consumption throughout a race.  If they start to load less at the start of the race they will then finish the race light and hopefully will we now see people running out of fuel on the last few laps, like we used to see in the 80’s… only time will tell.

Anyway, to the race itself, and unfortualty there is nothing really of note to comment on, other than the results, which were, a 1-2 for Ferrari with Alonso and Massa, with Hamilton also on the podium.  Foruth was Vettel, with Rosberg, then Schumacher, Button, Webber, and good performances by Liuzzi & Barrichello taking the remainder of the points.

No points for Kubica, Sutil, Alguersuari, Hulkneberg and Kovalianen, who did all manage to finish, unlike  Buemi and Trulli who retired on lap 46, a dissapointing retriement for Sauber’s de la Rosa who has looked promising in preseason testing, and prior to them new boy Senna, Glock, Petrov, Kobayashi, di Grassi and Channdhok who didn’t make it to the end of his first lap in F1.

Update 26 Mar 2010:  Virgin have had approval to increase the size of their tanks.  Their Technical Director Nick Wirth commented they pushed the boundaries in design which was locked down in October last year.  However a few things changed. Originally they were told that that a high density fuel would be available allowing smaller tank design, but that didn’t happen.  Then the goalposts moved regarding impact testing, as this year it had to be done with a full tank of fuel, which meant last minute changes to the monocoque.

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