Red Bull gives you… adjustable ride height

Sat 27 Mar 2010

Last years controversy was double diffusers, this year it’s F-ducts, and now adjustable ride height…

Just before Melbourne qualifying, Martin Whitmarsh the Team Principle of McLaren suggested that Red Bull were using an ‘illegal’ adjustable ride-height system.

The lower fuel load used in qualifying means that the car should have been running higher off the ground than it would do at the start of the race, when it would carry something like 160kg of fuel.  However Martin noted that the Red Bulls were running suspiciously low (which would aid aerodynamic downforce), hence his suspicion that the height can be adjusted.

However further chatter seems to think the relevant regulation only applies to adjusting the suspension whilst the car is moving, however suspect a request for clarification of the rule from FIA… but Martin did go onto say that McLaren were currently developing their own system and hope to have it ready for China !

Update 02 Mar 2010:
Craig Scarborough’s more technical view on the possible set-ups


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