Attitudes reflected in McLaren driving styles

Sun 28 Mar 2010

A contrast of driver attitudes both on and off the track at McLaren…

At the start of the season Lewis’ father Anthony was ‘removed’ by him, as his manager, and has not been seen at the circuit since.  He spends the days before a race with his girlfriend in the US, and flies in at the last moment.  He says publicly that it’s about time Webber retires -not the best thing to say especially in Australia.

On the track he has a disastrous qualifying session meaning he starts midfield, then after the race lets some steam off on the streets of Melbourne gets him stopped by the police for some.. ahem… erratic driving (drivers used to get a pat on the back for this type behaviour ).  Things looked up for him in the race itself as he stormed through field, but near the end he contacted the team over the radio to complain about his tyres and the pit stop strategy, when he would have been better off concentrating on getting past the Ferrari’s.  Then he was unfortunately punted off the track by Webber.

In contrast Button stayed calm throughout the weekend.  He was spotted on Friday night out with his family, friends and girlfriend Jessica, said to be looking very cool and relaxed.  On the track a steady qualifying session.  In the race itself he choose his own pit stop strategy and then made it work for him, with his relaxed and smooth driving style.

Button first, Hamilton sixth.  I find it fascinating how their personal attitudes show up in their driving styles and results on the track.

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