Catalunya overview -F1

Sun 9 May 2010

The atmosphere was bubbling at the Circuit de Catalunya, with Alonso’s home fans hoping for a great race.  For the first time this year Schumi has out-qualified his team mate Nico Rosberg in his long wheel based special.  Unfortunately for Kovalainen he had gearbox problems before the race even started and never reached the track.

Weber defended his position from Vettel into the first corner, with Hamilton and Alonso in chase.  Webber put his foot down and streaks into the distance with Seb struggling to keep up.

Rosberg pitted early, but it turns out to be a disaster, as he is given the go-ahead to leave even though his front right wheel was not correctly fitted.  Four laps later Hamilton was in, and managed to make it out in front of Vettel.  By then Webber was nine seconds ahead.

Button ?  Well he was stuck behind Schumacher for lap after lap, as he was defending his place like the Michael we know of old.

Massa managed to hit Chandhok and damage his front wing, but it was nothing severe and the Scuderia kept him out, but it was really not Chandhok’s day as Alguersuari drives across his nose a few laps later.  After coming in for checks Karan retires almost as soon as he’s back on the track.

I managed to fall asleep for most of the middle part of the race as very little happened.  Webber was out in front when I went to sleep, and was even further out in front when I woke up !

So some drama on lap 57 when Vettel goes into the gravel and Alonso manages to take his place in third.  Seb had major problems with his brakes, and just isn’t easing off.  The Red Bull garage kept warning him to take it easy, but he’s not listening and they eventually warn him that his brakes were about to fail.  At last he slowed down !

Some more excitement, but for this time for the wrong reason… Hamilton has a rim failure one lap from the end and his race is over as he slid into the barrier.  A big cheer goes up for Alonso as he moved up into second, but the race is Webber’s and he took his first win of 2010.  Vettel nursed his car home to take the final step on the podium.

Schumacher took fourth, Button still behind him in fifth, Massa sixth and Sutil for Force India in seventh.  Kubica back in eighth, Barrichello ninth and Alguersuari for Toro Rosso taking the final point.

Something almost interesting happens… Virgin manage to get both cars across the finish line for the first time.

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