Le Mans overview -MotoGP

Sun 23 May 2010

It’s been a long wait since the last race, after Mexico was cancelled due to the disruption caused by the ash cloud. We were all looking forward to seeing the return of MotoGP at the Circuit of Le Mans.

Valentino Rossi led at the start with Stoner in chase, but on just the second lap Casey pushed it too far, and left the circuit in dramatic fashion. He was up okay, but did not get back onto the damaged bike or the track.

By lap 7 Jorge Lorenzo was starting to seriously challenge Rossi and they both battled position for a few laps, before Jorge finally made it stick on lap 10, and once past Rossi he managed to stretch his lead to a clear six seconds.

For the middle part of the race the majority of the field held positions, with very few passes and nothing exciting worthy of a mention, until near the end.

Popcorn for Lorenzo at Le Mans

Popcorn for Lorenzo at Le Mans

Dovizioso took Pedrosa on the last lap, and even though they were slowly gaining ground on Rossi, they were too busy fighting their own battles to ever seriously put any pressure on him.

Hanging on close behind, watching, was Haydon who then took Pedrosa for fourth, moving Dani into fifth position by the line.

So it was the Yamaha’s of Lornezo and Rossi from Dovizioso, with Hayden and Pedrosa coming in close behind. Melandri and De Puniet were too far behind to be a challenge, but took points for sixth and seventh.

This time Jorge celebrated his win by sitting in front of a giant viewing screen, with a bag of popcorn, to watch the replay of his win.

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