Istanbul overview -F1

Tue 1 Jun 2010

The results of qualifying gave us a tantalising start to the race with Webber, Hamilton, Vettel, Button, Schumacher and Rosberg filling the front three rows.

Webber got away cleanly, with Vettel getting the jump on Hamilton followed by Button.  It didn’t take long for Lewis to get behind Webber, and to start hassling him.

On lap 15 Webber and Hamilton pitted together.  It was a fast stop for Webber, but unfortunately there was a spilt second delay for Hamilton when one of his rear wheels didn’t go on cleanly.  They ran down the pit lane in the same order, but the delay meant that Hamilton came out just behind Vettel.

Half way through the race there were ominous clouds looming but the rain was only very light, and was not enough to bother anyone.

The first four were inseparable and by lap 33 Schumacher was 30 seconds behind Jenson, with many others queuing up behind him again.

On lap 35 Trulli stopped in turn 8 bringing out the yellow flags but luckily no Safety Car.  It’s was not a lucky period for Lotus as on the next lap Heiki took to his pit garage with pneumatics failures.

Vettel was then on a roll and after a few fast laps was right behind Webber, and on turn 12 of lap 40 went down the inside of Webber.  They touched tires, and Vettel span off in a cloud of carbon fibre -his day was over.  Webber just holds it together, avoided Seb and got back on the track.  However it was too late and the McLaren’s had already slipped through.

A few laps later Webber pitted for a new nose cone, but managed to come out in front of Schumacher who was still holding up the rest of the field, much to Rosberg’s annoyance.

Some light rain arrived.  By the last corner of lap 49, Button tried to take Hamilton and they brushed wheels as he goes through, but Hamilton took the position back on the straight.  A few laps later and Alonso challenged Petrov and they also touched… Petrov’s tyre is damaged and he limped home to the pits to get it changed.

So it’s a win for Hamilton, followed by Button and Webber on the podium.

Lewis & Jenson celebrating their 1st & 2nd in Turkey

Lewis & Jenson celebrating their 1st & 2nd in Turkey

Race Result
Hamilton, Button and Webber, followed by Schumacher, Rosberg, with Kubica from Massa.  Then Alonso, Sutil, Kobayashi, De LaRossa, Alguersuari and Liuzzi with Barichello, Petrov, Buemi, Hulkenburg, Glock and finally Di Grassi taking up the rear.

Chandock (Lap 56) -his lucky egg yet again is not so lucky !

Senna, Vettel, Kovalainen and Trulli

Fastest lap
Alguersari on lap 50 1:29:535

Drivers Championship
Webber leads with 93 points, Button is on 88, Hamilton 84 and Alonso 79

Vettel remains on 78, with Kubica & Massa both on 67 and Rosberg just one point behind.  The rest are also runs !

McLaren and Redbull battle it out at the front with 172 and 171 respectively.  Ferrari are on 146 with Mercedes GP on a century.  Renault are ahead of the midfield competition now with 73 points.

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