Montreal Overview -F1

Sun 13 Jun 2010

So welcome to Montreal in Canada and what turns out to be a really exciting race.

Hamilton got way cleanly and lead from Vettel, Alonso, Button, Webber and Kubica.  After Liuzzi and Massa collided a number of times, both came in for new body parts, as did De La Rosa after a prang with Petrov.  Kobayashi was not so lucky and after hitting a wall his day was over early.  Early on Button was struggling with his option tyres and Webber, who was on primes, took him for fourth.  Button came in early for a tyre change, but Hamilton relented for an other couple of laps, even though Vettel is all over him.  When Lewis does come in, he and Alonso nearly collide in the pit lane, but the Spaniard comes out to take fifth.

Some more activity as Schumacher exits from the pits onto the track, and goes straight into the path of Kubica who has the racing line, and they battle for the next few coroners until Schumi goes over the grass and takes the lead… I thought this was F1 not Rallycross !

After Vettel pitted for soft tyres, Buemi took the lead -you won’t hear that often !  But after he pits Hamilton takes Alonso on the straight from turn 12.  It stays that was until lap 26 when Alonso and Hamilton are again side by side, but rather than battle it out Lewis dives for the pits, and as everyones tyres are struggling he is followed on the next laps by Button and Vettel.  Jenson manages to get out ahead of Vettel, and when Alonso pits he hands over his lead to Webber.

By lap 39 Webber reports his primes are starting to go, and Lewis is slowly eating into his ten second lead and then laps later Hamilton slips past the Aussie, but Mark has by then had enough of his failing tyres and comes in for softs at the end of the lap.  So to recap the ever changing positions, at this stage it’s Hamilton from Alonso, and then Jenson in third who who is slowly making ground.  Vettel is fourth, Webber fifth and Kubica sixth.  JB stays up the rear of Alonso awaiting for a mistake and on lap 56 his luck comes when Alonso gets tied up in traffic and the Brit takes full advantage on the outside, and now has Hamilton and his failing tyres in his sights.

Hamilton and Button celebrate their 1/2

Hamilton and Button celebrate their 1/2

Eight laps later Massa and Schumacher touch and Schumacher make a second move to the left before turning right and damages Massa’s front wing.. this is the dirtiest I’ve seen him drive this season.  Alas it does him no good, as on the last lap he’s struggling is overtaken by both Force India’s to finish out of the points in 11th.

So Lewis takes his second win in a row, with Button not able to catch him.  Alonso is in third followed by Vettel, Webber, Rosberg and Kubica. Buemi takes a well deserved eight with Liuzzi ninth and Sutil tenth.  Outside of the points is Schumacher, Alguersuari, Hulkenberg, Barrichello, Massa, Kovalainen, Petrov, Chandhok and Di Grassi.

Retirees for this race were Glock, Trulli, De La Rosa, Bruno Senna and Kobayashi.  Fastest Lap was Kubica with a 1:16.972

A fantastic race, and not a Safety Car in sight !

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