Hockenheim Overview -F1

Sun 25 Jul 2010

It was both a good and a bad weekend for Ferrari.

Some would like to have seen Felipe Massa win, on his return to Hungary after the horrific injury he sustained there last year, but it turned out to be a controversial race for him and his team.

Sebastian Vettel started the race in pole position, by concentrating on closing the door on Fernando Alonso, who started next to him on the dirty side of the track. This allowed Massa to go around the outside of them both, and Felipe was leading by the first corner.

Mark Webber, who had also started from the dirty side of the grid, was beaten taken on the first lap by Lewis Hamilton. His McLaren team mate Jenson Button, made it even more painful by making his option tyres last almost ten laps longer than the Red Bull drivers, allowing him to emerge in front of the Australian after his pit stop.

Not the best of friends

Not the best of friends

Alonso was fast, and was soon behind Massa, and not before long was complaining on his team radio he couldn’t get past. Eventually Massa’s chief engineer, Rob Smedley, told Felipe that Fernando was quicker, and if he understood. Most interpreted this as a badly coded instruction, and whilst it was not confirmed in words, Massa was deliberately slow just a few corners later, allowing Alonso through. At the end of the race Smedley apologised to the Brazilian, which only confirmed it was ‘team orders’. After the race the stewards agreed and Ferrari were fined $100,000 with the matter being passed to the FIA World Motor Sport Council, for further review in September.

On the podium it was Alonso, with a very subdued looking Massa, and Vettel taking the trophy for third.

Fourth went to Hamilton, followed by Button, Webber, Kubica, Rosberg and Schumacher. Petrov took tenth, Kobayashi eleventh and Barrichello twelfth.

Lapped were Hulkenberg, de la Rosa, Alguersuari and Liuzzi. Sutil was lapped twice, Glock three times, and Senna was four laps down from the leaders.

There were five retirements –the Lotus’ of Trulli with a gearbox problems and Kovalainen due to an accident. Di Grassi in the Virgin with a mechanical problem, Buemi’s Torro Rosso accident with his team mate Alguersuari, and Yamamoto retiring due to a ‘technical’ problem.

So, Hamilton leads the championship with 157 points, Button 143, Webber and Vettel both on 136 and the ever controversial Alonso slowly creeping up with 123.


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