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Silverstone Overview -F1

Sun 11 Jul 2010

The weekend started off with controversy…

Red Bull gives you wings

Red Bull gives you wings

In free practice, Red Bull were testing a new front wing, which showed significant improvements.  Unfortunately the fixings on Vettel’s failed and it left them with only one front wing.  It was decided that Webbers would be put onto Seb’s car, and Mark would run the old wing.  Many screamed there was favouritism in the team, and it was obvious that Mark was very unhappy with the decision as he was not consulted prior to the change.  As we saw things didn’t quite go Sebastian’s way in the race though.

The Red Bulls got off to a good start, with Seb moving across on the Aussie trying to squeeze him in the direction of the pit lane wall; however Mark continued to push on to the first corner.  Alonso had a bad start, which let Hamilton through to challenge them, but in the process he managed to nudge Seb , who then went off the track picking up a puncture on his rear right tire.  Happening so early in the lap he lost a lot time crawling back to the pits, and slipped back out in last place.

For the first six laps, Hamilton was like a bad rash; all over the back of Marks cars, as he was always within a couple of seconds of the Australian, however after that he never realistically looked as though he was going to challenge him.

Kubica had a good start moving up from sixth to third, however a few laps in and a queue of cars has built up behind him, which included Rosberg, Alonso, Barrichello, Schumacher, Button and Kobayashi.

Buttons great start, overtaking manoeuvres on the first lap and decision to stay out longer than others on his tires, meant that after the pit stop session he’d managed to climb from fourteenth on the grid to fifth.

Alonso’s terrible start, which he later blamed on a faulty clutch, was only the start of his day’s bad luck.  On the 17th lap he tried to overtake Kubica on the outside of Brooklands, but the manouver meant he went off the track at the next corner, joinging in front of the Pole, therefore gaining an unfair advantage.  Ferrari were warned three times by the stewards to relinquish the position, but as Kubica had engine problems he was dropping back.  They failed to tell Nando believing it was within the rules, but the stewards, which this race included Nigel Mansell, decided otherwise and he was given a drive through penalty.  Unfortunately the timing of the penalty was disastrous as just after, the Safety Car came out, whilst they removed some debris from the track.  All the cars bunched up, and as the Spaniard had to serve it immediately after the SC went in, it meant that he came back out in sixteenth.  Queue Alonso, telling his team not to disturb him by talking on the radio !  He eventually finished fourteenth, and after the race refused to speak to the media.

Sebastian Vettel did however gain from the Safety Car, as the gap between him and the back was no more, and by the end of the race he had moved up to seventh.  He could probably have done even better if it wasn’t for some great defensive driving from Adrian Sutil, who he only managed to slip past on the last lap.

Rosberg came home third with a confident drive, however Button who was trying to watch his fuel, finished the race just one second behind.  Williams and Sauber’s luck is picking up, with Baricchello taking fifth and Kobayashi sixth.  Vettel and Sutil were followed in eight by Schumacher who managed to hold his position in front of Nico Hulkenberg.

Webber never really looked like he would loose the lead, and after the controversy of the weekend, his parting shot on the radio to his team summed it up nicely… “not bad for a  number two driver” !

So the driver standings are now Lewis Hamilton in first with 127 points,  Jenson Button second with 121, Sebastian Vettel third with 115.  Mark Webber has 103 with Fernando Alonso 98 and Robert Kubica 83.  Nico Rosberg is on 75 points, Felipe Massa in eighth with 67, and Michael Schumacher and Adrain Sutil with 34 and 31 points respectively.

The Constructors championship has become a two horse race with McLaren leading on 248 points, Red Bull close behind with 218 and Ferrari now some way back with 165.